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You can learn English online with me, a qualified English teacher from England. I can help you to learn how to speak English better and improve your listening, reading and writing skills. All you need is Skype or similar messenger (Live messenger/QQ), a microphone and a headset.

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Reading skills

Most lessons will have a text article, which is used to carry the context for new vocabulary and comprehension questions. Reading is a great way to learn spelling and word order. You can see how the words work when they are in sentences and paragraphs. I have written some ideas to help you on my reading skills page. It’s easy to learn English online.

Listening skills

Listening skills are often used with speaking skills, but we also get useful information by listening to things other than people. Being able to understand a weather report may stop you from getting wet in England. Get more information from my listening skills page.

Reading skills Listening skills

The four skills

Speaking skills

Speaking is the most common request from students. They want to have confidence when they speak to other people. My lessons are student-centred so you get to speak for most of the lesson about things that you want to talk about. Find more information on my speaking skills page.

Writing skills

People write for many different reasons. Some common reasons are university study, business reports and e-mails to friends. A great way to learn more about writing is to read things that are in the same style you need to write about. Have a look at my writing skills page.

writing skills Speaking skills

Why learn English online?

Many students choose to learn English online because it’s flexible, so you can learn where you want. Maybe you'd like to learn at home, school, in the library, or in an Internet café. All you need is a computer with a headset and microphone, a webcam (if you want to use one) and software like Skype. Skype and other VoIP software is free and because you’re not travelling your costs are reduced.

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Learn English online 1-to-1 English lessons

VIP online English lessons

When you learn English online with me, you are a VIP. This is better for you, because you're the only student in the class. You get to speak more so you will get better at speaking English faster. I believe that learning English should offer ways to learn the language that is useful and interesting to you.

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Lesson structure

Each lesson can start from a description of a picture, an article or a topic you choose. The aim is for you to speak for most of the lesson. Grammar and structure will be discussed as the lesson progresses, which lets you learn structures and vocabulary from the context.

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